Monday, February 29, 2016

Battles at the Kings

Hi all just returned from another successful 5 day trip up to the Kings, this time with a great bunch of kiwi boys keen to battle some Three Kings monsters. Some battles were won and some were lost with the best bass going an impressive 51kg's on the scales, and a few others proving just to powerful to stop. The Kingis are steady with a lot of fish in the high 20's and a few breaking the magic 30kg mark. Throw in a Marlin on the trip up and it's easy to see why the Three Kings rock. Till next week cheers, Rhys.
Snapey's Stripey est. 80kg
Alex with the 51kg monster bass


Matt with a nice jig- caught Puka

Nobby in trouble
Kelly with a nice bass
Mike 35kg's
Bottom fishing at it's best

Snapey's 33kg Kingi fat as
Neil 25kg

Mike behind his 32kg horse

Mike working hard
Nobby stoked with another nice King

Kelly 31kg

Hot Kingi bite on the Middlesex
Snapey 26kg

Dave 25kg

Matt 24kg
Alex with a nice King

Dave with another in the high 20's
Kelly 25kg

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