Monday, February 29, 2016

Battles at the Kings

Hi all just returned from another successful 5 day trip up to the Kings, this time with a great bunch of kiwi boys keen to battle some Three Kings monsters. Some battles were won and some were lost with the best bass going an impressive 51kg's on the scales, and a few others proving just to powerful to stop. The Kingis are steady with a lot of fish in the high 20's and a few breaking the magic 30kg mark. Throw in a Marlin on the trip up and it's easy to see why the Three Kings rock. Till next week cheers, Rhys.
Snapey's Stripey est. 80kg
Alex with the 51kg monster bass


Matt with a nice jig- caught Puka

Nobby in trouble
Kelly with a nice bass
Mike 35kg's
Bottom fishing at it's best

Snapey's 33kg Kingi fat as
Neil 25kg

Mike behind his 32kg horse

Mike working hard
Nobby stoked with another nice King

Kelly 31kg

Hot Kingi bite on the Middlesex
Snapey 26kg

Dave 25kg

Matt 24kg
Alex with a nice King

Dave with another in the high 20's
Kelly 25kg

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Three Kings Land of the Giants

Simon's 35kg tuna
Hi all just back from yet another great Three kings Trip. Simply stunning fishing at the moment we are blessed with everything biting like no tomorrow, it really doesn’t get better with monster kingi’s attacking everything on offer, Jigs, dead baits and livies all getting nailed and on the last day jigs out fishing livies good to see. The trips up are very exciting with Gary tagging the biggest blue marlin I have ever seen, we very conservatively put 350kg plus on the tag card, truth is I think it was a lot bigger so we will just go with that estimate as we didn’t want to kill it just to have it weighed, got a bit of video footage we will try to put up later. Tuna again are in numbers with the biggest caught while livebaiting for kingi’s at 45kg. Then throw in monster puka and bass and you can see why this place is land of the giants. Till next week cheers Lance  

Clem 28kg

Gary's fat as 32kg pig

Clem close at 29kg

Gary getting tested

Gary's 45kg tuna

Toney with a nice Bass

Jerry 32kg king

Gary's first hog 35kg

Clem happy at 30kg

Gary into the action

Gary with yet another mule 37kg

Toney 39kg Monster !!

Toney releases a small stripey

Clem with a good puka

Nice run of big pukas

Gary with a solid 38kg Puka

Simon's hog at 38kg huge

Clem with a solid king

Jerry bent bad

Simon with the show stopper at a massive 41kg

Clem with a good jig caught fish

Toney with more mules 36kg

Simon with the showstopper Hapuka 47kg

Everyone getting bent on the pukas

Solid fish on the Cyclops for Clem

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More Kings Magic

Bobby happy with his 28kg king

Rob 30kg
 Hi all, well the good times keep rolling at the kings with the latest trip another goody, Roy from jig star Africa lead a bunch of hard core jiggers on a storming raid at the kings. The thing about this trip was jig only apart from a bait that we put out for a sword drift, and the results were great, no massive kings but plenty enough in the high 20's and 30's to test out some of the new gear. Bass and puka fell to the metal with Inks Landing the showstopper that pulled the scales down to 74kg !!!!, but the highlight had to be Roy's broadbill massive battle of 5 hrs to tame the beast, well done Roy you deserved that early morning beer. Till next week Cheers Lance
Bobby 29kg

Rob again in the 30's at 32kg

Roy 33kg

Bobby getting tested

Jack's 28kg

Chris doing battle

Chris hog at 36kg

Bobby nice 31kg

Rob testing the monster game 2 pe10

Jack with a solid 33kg

Roy with a solid puka

Manny happy with his bass

Inks with a massive 74kg bass

Rob with his monster of the deep at 55kg

Roy with his Sword 140kg

Jack stoked at 34kg