Monday, January 25, 2016

Three Kings On a High

Nathan with a nice YFT

Adam battling the sword 18kgs of drag !!!
Hi all, well our first of many Three Kings trips is under the belt and what a start. Talk about a high for the week weather and fishing both, day after day of flat glassy calm seas, as a big high pressure system sat over the north island. And Fishing where do I start, talk about variety we started with a nice yellow fin tuna, went on to battle with a big broadbill swordfish for 20 hours only to have the hook pull dam what a battle. Fairly sure it was foul hooked with us getting close after about 5 hours fighting as you would expect, we could see the light which was attached to the trace when it then jumped and did a big run, during this jump and run we think the hook pulled and fouled the beast somewhere, after 6hrs the call was made to go to sunset on the drag hoping everything would hold and it did for another 14hrs,  still we were not making ground and when  the hook pulled at 20hrs we were not even close. Our angler did an amazing job but after 9hrs he was beat, so next up took over for 4 hours till he was beat and so on it went till all 6 tested their strength on the fish, after the hook pulled we put the line on the scales and we had 18kgs of drag on that fish for most of the time and it still beat us, some fish are not meant to be caught. But the boys were here for big kingi’s and some monster bass so it was onwards and upwards with some stunning hog kingis the best going 39kg sling weighed, and the best Bass going 48kg on the scales, many more in the 30’s and 20’s, they also tagged 2 striped marlin and had good session on the stickbaits nailing many respectable kingis the best going 27kg. Then for fun the soft plastics came out for some great sport with Adam catching weighing and releasing a potential world record trevally  at 11kg. Far north Three Kings simply the best of the best, till next week cheers Lance


Pirate releasing his stripey

Pirate solid 32kg

Stickman breaks the 30 at 33kg

Nathan locked in battle

Stickman under pressure

Pirate huge at 37kg

Stickman stoked with his 34kg hog

Andy bent bad

Stickman hangs on

Brett happy with this big trev

M.B custom Stickbaits do the damage

Adam happy as on the stickbaits 27kg

Pirate yet again breaks the 30kg at 31around the islands

Nathan monster Trev 11kg !!! on the S.P's

Nathan's trev 11kg

Pirate with a good trev

Stickman 28kg

Adam railed as !!

Adam sling weighed at 39kg monster

Day after day weather like this

Pirate's monster Bass at 48kg

Stickman works his Bass

Stickman hidden by this huge 44kg Bass

Andy solid 34kg king

Bluenose on the 1.2kg jigs

Pirate big jig big bass, Jig 1.2kg bass 35kg

Nice hapuka on the big jigs

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