Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hi all, just back from another impressive trip to the Furly, this time with a great bunch of boys from the South Island doing it old school on the baits. With half the group yet to experience the awesome power of kingis the boys were treated to some top class fishing with the title going to Dan, his first ever Kingi going a monstrous 36kg, not a bad way to start off. With the Kingis well and truly ticked off it was out to the deep to get some fish for the table, with just two drifts resulting in a good feed off Puka, Bass and big Bluenose to 22kg, many of which were double headers. It pays to come back up with a couple when your dropping down nearly 300m... Till next week cheers, Rhys.

Dan's first Kingi

Another shot of the 36kg horse

Henry 28kg

Brad with a long 33kg King

H 26kg

Kurt happy with his nice fish

Jacko with a fat 34kg

Rex 27kg

Dan 26kg

Brad 25kg

Brad 31kg

Warren 24kg

Henry 27kg

Warren 34kg hog

Warren's Puka

Bluenose 22kg

Kurt's 20kg Bluenose

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