Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hi all, just back from another impressive trip to the Furly, this time with a great bunch of boys from the South Island doing it old school on the baits. With half the group yet to experience the awesome power of kingis the boys were treated to some top class fishing with the title going to Dan, his first ever Kingi going a monstrous 36kg, not a bad way to start off. With the Kingis well and truly ticked off it was out to the deep to get some fish for the table, with just two drifts resulting in a good feed off Puka, Bass and big Bluenose to 22kg, many of which were double headers. It pays to come back up with a couple when your dropping down nearly 300m... Till next week cheers, Rhys.

Dan's first Kingi

Another shot of the 36kg horse

Henry 28kg

Brad with a long 33kg King

H 26kg

Kurt happy with his nice fish

Jacko with a fat 34kg

Rex 27kg

Dan 26kg

Brad 25kg

Brad 31kg

Warren 24kg

Henry 27kg

Warren 34kg hog

Warren's Puka

Bluenose 22kg

Kurt's 20kg Bluenose
Long with a nice YFT

Joe doing battle
Hi all  just back from another great Three Kings trip. This time we had a super keen group of Chinese gents wanting to get amongst some freight trains and the place fired up on fine form, the 2 best  kingis went a huge 41 and 43kg with again many in the 30’s and 20’s. Bottom fishing went well, with only having to do a few drifts on two different rocks to produce some monster puka and Bass with some huge bluenose thrown in for good measure, Pretty cool when you can get all three at one spot. Water temps are at a premium with the gauge showing up to 22c in places, we only  trolled from spot to spot and in doing so tagged one stroppy stripey from several shots, and boated a nice YFT, makes me wonder how many one could get if we actually targeted them. Till next week cheers Lance

Joe 28kg

Ice loaded

Ken holds a good 29kg king

Ken solid 32kg

Long fully loaded

Ken 31kg

Old Man with a nice 30kg fat king

ice releases his tagged marlin

Ice holds up Joes Monster as Joe recovers 43kg

Albert with his huge puka

Long with a nice one

Joe on the jigs

Bluenose on the jigs

Ice solid hapuka

Ice with a big bluenose

Alberts big bluenose

Joe with his hapuka

Twin jig hapuka

Albert fighting his monster kingi

Real men don't use gimlet belts Haha

Albert's 41kg mule 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stick baiting carnage on the Ranfurly

Hi all, well the top water action has well and truly erupted out on the Ranfurly with packs of bruising Kingi's climbing all over the stick baits resulting in multiple hook-ups on big fish and absolute carnage. Our last group of anglers from across the ditch had some awesome sessions resulting in some massive fish up to 36kg, many of which were caught on the surface. A school  of nice Mahi-mahi also provided some brief excitement  with a few follows, but unfortunately no takers. Come the last afternoon with broken bodies the boys opted to try for a Marlin. While we managed to hook a nice Stripey it quickly came unstuck in an impressive aerial display, hopefully the next one won't be so lucky, till next week cheers Rhys.
Khai 30kg

Ryan 26kg

Daniel with the 36kg horse

Khai happy with this 33kg on a stick bait

Dan 34kg

Brad 27kg

Gav with his 29kg King

Ryan solid 34kg

Ryan with another on the stick bait, 28kg

Khai with one on the popper

Dan 27kg

Brad 25kg

Khai with a 31kg on the livie

Ryan 26kg

Brad 30kg

Ryan with a 33kg in the rain

Brad and Ryan working hard on the stick bait gear

Brad 32kg

Dan 26kg