Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Monsters on the Ranfurly Banks

Michael hooked up  

Michael nice at 30kg
 Hi all, well as the tittle stats there are some true monsters turning up on the Furly. Last trip seen a group of  very keen jiggers from Singapore wanting to get amongst some ranfurly giants and the place didn't disappoint. Hapuka fishing was good with the best going a massive 51kgs, this is one of the biggest true hapuka we have seen in a very long time, and kingi fishing wasn't far behind with Rahim boating the best two that went a huge 36 and 39kg well done that man, many others in the mid to high 20.s fell to the jigs as well. Top water is just starting to fire up with water temps climbing over the magic mark of 20c so watch out for some good reports on top water in the next few weeks. Cheers for now Lance 

Remy Cham 51kg!!!!

Siong  solid 32kg king

Rahim HUGE 39kg kingi

Good 28kg Ranfurly kingi 

Michael happy with this 26kg kingi

Rahim again smashes monsters at 36kg

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