Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Three King's 2015 ending on top!!!!

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 Hi all we have just finished our Three King's season for 2015 with a very successful 8DAY TRIP!!!! with keen bunch of hardcore Jigger's all the way from Brazil to test out their gear an attempt to smash their personal record's and they sure got to do that on the King fish with the largest sling weighed at 35kg as well as many more fantastic fish coming over the rail on both Jig's an also a few live baits. Bass fishing also went very well making it easy to get onto some good quality fish up to the 50kg mark!!  As well as plenty of numbers for the bin.
It's awesome to see that the fishing is still this spectacular in June an we hope to do even more
trips this late in the season in our future season's
to come. Ill be looking forward to bringing some
great post's once we are down south catching
Till next time Cheer's Steve
Sergio  with a nice 31kg Kingfish

Herbert with his 33kg King

Renaldo with the big Bass at 50kg

Jeeko with his 35kg horse!!!

Herbert feeling the power

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Jeeko with another fantastic King around the 30kg mark

Herbert with a 28kg King

Renaldo struggling to not get railed

Herbert with his 36kg Bass

Sergio with his 34kg Bass

Deckhand  Nate with a decent King

Renaldo with another shot of the horse!!!

Jeeko with King in the high twenty's

Jeeko feeling some serious power

Jeeko with the 35kg Horse

Boy's hooked up

Jeeko with a 31kg King

Sergio with a nice 32kg King

Herbert with a nice hapuka