Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Kings Finish as Good As it Started

Lou with a nice 26kg king
Hi all, well as you read this Enchanter and crew a heading home for a well deserved break after 6 months solid at the Three Kings, and as the tittle states it finished as good as it started with trip after trip the boys getting bent bad on solid kings and monster bass, it was a season to remember that's for sure. Time to reflect on the season and if it's one thing that came though trip after trip was the number of monster fish that just smashed the boys off, rods, reels and tackle got trashed, trip after trip. We kept on saying don't take a knife to a gun fight but that's what happened with many monsters just not being able to be stopped. This place is for HEAVY tackle only don't think for one minute that you can come here and land a monster on light tackle it just won't happen, you will get smoked lose your fish and go home with a story, no one likes a story. If you have a trip booked here next year read this and take note Pe8-pe10  130lb is what you need, that's what i would be fishing on, the kings doesn't take prisoners and you spend a lot of money to get here and the only thing holding you to the fish of a lifetime is your tackle, take it from me as i see it trip after trip. till next time cheers Lance  

Lawrence getting bent Bad 

Lawrence 28kg

Mick 30kg

Miargi 32kg

Z man getting bent

Lou locked in battle

Lou nice at 33kg

Mick's monster 41kg !!!

Miargi hooked up

Miargi 35kg horse

Everyone getting in on the action

Miargi 29kg

Lawrence working hard 

Mick under pressure

Z nice 28kg

Miargi loaded

Mick with another over 30kg

Lou yet again breaks the 30 at 32kg
Chris with this solid 45kg Bass

Mick solid 29kg

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