Friday, June 5, 2015

Monsters lerk in the depths of the King Bank

Clinton with a 22kg Hapuka
Hi all well our season is nearing the end and it's ending on fire it's going to be hard to go home with such good fishing still happening up here especially the bottom fishing which is second to one at the moment and a group of young keen fallas from Waiuku got to see it first hand this week managing to land some monster bass up to 60kilo's as well as getting absolutely smoked by some even bigger monsters down in the depths of the king bank and its good to know they're still their in numbers for such a slow growing fish. The boy's had some fun on the king fish as well landing them up to 31kg's and all released to catch another day.
Till next time cheers Steve
Rhys testing his gear out

Curley with a nice 23kg King

Different looking seal

Brian Hooked up

Brian's 31kg Hapuka

Curley Hooked up

Simo with a monster bass at 60kg

Hayden's Kingi in the mid twenty's

Hayden testing out his new toy on a big bass

Simo with his Kingi bang on 30kg

Noodle with a nice 27kg King

Curley's 23kg King

Hayden holding up a couple fatty's

When fish attack!!

Curley's 26kg King

Brian getting Railed big time

Brian with a fat 31kg King

Hayden's Bass in the mid forties

Noodle's 27kg King

Brian with another 31kg King

Hayden's 28kg King

Clinton's 28kg King