Saturday, May 30, 2015

Three Kings Bass fishing at it's best

Steve's 30kg king

Darren nice one at 28kg
 Hi all, well the big Bass have shown up  in numbers for spawning and wow some of them are true monsters of the deep, some of the biggest Bass of the year are caught in June, and this year looks like no exception with the latest trip nailing 4 over 50kg. Kingis again played ball with pete landing then best one at 34kg. Bad weather slowed us down with one day the boy's opting to fish around the islands, and yet again it wasn't a hardship with all of them landing some good kingi's at the princess group. Till next week cheers Lance
Sheldon hook up at the islands

Sheldon 29kg island  fish

Ken 27kg around the islands

Pete happy with his 32kg model

Sheldon getting smoked it never even slowed down

Ken solid at 31kg

Rusty 33kg

Ken 58kg monster Bass fat as !!

Pete heaves this 51kg pig up

Darren with the biggest Bass of them all 61kg !!

Steve solid at 46kg

Rusty nice 26kg

Pete's monster 34kg kingi

Rory massive Bass at 59kg !!

Biggest Hapuka to Steve at 48kg

Pete getting worked hard

Pete with his monster Hapuka 41kg