Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Monsters At The Kings

Andy nice at 31kg
 Hi all, the kings just keep on producing monsters trip after trip with the latest no exception. This time we had a great bunch of guy's kiwi boys that had done many trips up the kings and it showed why they return year after year, monster kingi's and monster Bass with a bucket load of fun. That's what its all about really catching great fish while having a ton of fun with your mates. Marlin have slowed down in the last week or so, but water temps and bait are still good so don't right them off just yet, I think we will have a good run before the temps cool and they disappear for the winter. Anyway with the kingis and Bass biting like no tomorrow there's plenty to focus on. Till next week cheers Lance
Coops Happy with this 32kg model

Hodgy solid 33kg king

Coops working Hard

Roudy works the big gear

Roudy Mule at 35kg

Shrek loaded up on the heavy  tackle 

Andy  Horse at 34kg

Greeny's Monster 37kg king

Shrek nice Yellowfin Tuna

Coop's under Pressure

Coop's 33kg

Carl nice 42kg Bass

Greeny  solid 44kg bass

What it's all about, havin Fun

100% Hookup on Bass everyone bent

Shrek 38kg Bass

Andy with another over 30kg

Greeny with a good Bass

Shrek nice king at 32kg

Carl's Monster 36kg king

Hodgy 33kg

Coops  happy at 34kg

Hodgy again over 30kg