Friday, May 1, 2015

More mayhem at the Kings

30kg fatty
Boy's all hooked up
Hi all just back from the kings yet again this time with keen bunch of boy's all the way from Singapore to do battle with the mighty king fish at the King's. The weather made things a bit hard for us an also prevented us from catching live bait but it didn't detour the boys an we went loaded with jigs an a handful of livies an that was plenty enough to get amongst the action with biggest king weighing in at 32kg as well many or in the high twenty's. We also tried our luck at hunting down a monster bass an got some nice fish an a good feed to take home. Marlin are still around as wel we managed to stumble upon a nice stripy off north cape an tagged it b4 pulling the hooks so I was not able to get a photo. Till next week Cheers Steve                                   

Daniel with a 28kg King

25kg and angry

23kg Hapuka

Nice fish around 24kg's

Brandon with a fat 31kg

26kilo King fish

31kg Bass

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Feeling the burn!

Another just shy of 30kilo's

Boy's doing battle

Daniel with double bluenose

Dan's 28kg King

Another at that high twenty's mark

26kilo Kingi

Struggling to stop this fish