Thursday, May 7, 2015

Good times week after week at the Kings

Frankie (aldentae) with a 33kg King
Hi all just back from another fantastic trip to the Three Kings with a bunch of keen Australians that wanted to get their PB's and they sure done that with ease. They caught king fish up to 34kg's and many of them and got to see some of the insane sessions that the Kings have to offer angler's. We also had ago at catching Bass and they all got a piece of the action in the little time we spent targeting them an the biggest came in at 38kilo's. The boy's had a awesome introduction to the Three Kings for their first time, Well done boy's!!!!
Till next week cheers Steve.
Heath with a 34kg Bass

Steve with 32kg Kingi

Frankie with his 34kg Kingi

The boys with their catch of Bass

Frankie with another in the early 30's

Dan's 28kg King

Dan with 27kilo king

Carlos with a nice 26kg Kingi

Heath feeling the power from a King on this 80 wide

Frankie with a nice bass

The boys hooked up to King fish

Carlos with a 31kg King

Frankie's turn on the 80 wide

Frankie's 30kg king

Frankie hooked up!!!!

Carlos with another 28kg King

Andrew with a 29kilo King

Andrew's 34kg hog

Heath's 32kg fish

A weird catch on the lure

Frankie with more KINGI'S!!!!!

Steve's 38kg Bass

Julian with a nice 28kg King

Craig with his 33kilo fatty

Dan showing excitement

Andrews 31kg King

Carlos with a Bass

Craig's 31kg King fish