Friday, April 24, 2015

Everything and Anything at the Kings!

Willie with the big bass
Hi all just back from another king's trip with some green keen kiwi boy's on their first visit to the Three King's to see what it's got offer an they sure got to see every aspect even the weather which slowed us down a little bit by loosing our first day so we done some snapper fishing o the coast which worked pretty good for the boy's catching snap's up to 17lb so it worked out pretty good. So then we got going early once the wind had passed an got the boys up on the king bank to get amongst the King fish, the boy's landed three king's over 30kilo's an many more nice fish to go with them. Bottom fishing was awesome for us even though the condition were hard we got some good number's an size< sadly our biggest bass was sharked but still weighed 38kg. An on our first day of travel we were lucky enough to stumble upon a YELLOW FIN TUNA which was around 15kg an was the first yellow fin for cova rose so we are stoaked!!!!
Till next time cheers Steve.

Allan's 26kg king

Corey with a 31kg Kingi

Baz with a nice blue nose


Corey with another at 30kilo's

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Geoff's 33 kg Kingi

Jockey with the TUNA!!!

Dennis with Kingi bang on The 30kg mark

Hoooked up!!!

Corey's double Header

Baz with his 30kg Bass

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