Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three Kings More Monsters

Macky happy with his 30kg kingi

Tobey 32kg
 Hi all, well as the title states more monsters keep on showing up at the Kings,  Bass and Hapuka fishing has been great with many double headers of both species, and size with the best bass going just under 50kg and the best hapuka going a very respectable 39kg. Kingi fishing again has been strong with Nutty man's monster that went 44kg many more in the high and low 30's as well, Marlin fishing slowed a little this week with only one shot had, but to be fair we didn't really spend much time targeting them. Till next week cheers Lance  
Tobey nice 29kg fish around the islands

Nutty man's monster 44kg kingi

Another shot to try and show the size of this 44kg monster

Nev monster 21kg bluenose

Brad and Tobey show off the puka 

All the boys on a hot puka bite

Elbow's monster double header

Nev with a nice Bass

Bear Dog with his Bass

Macky with a solid Bass

Elbow with the best Bass at 48kg

Cookie with his solid double

Macky with another good fish around the islands

Brad getting tested hard

Elbow's 28kg kingi

Tobey with yet another over 30kg

Brad just under the 30kg mark

Bear Dog with a fatty that went 34kg

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