Thursday, April 30, 2015

Three Kings Monsters Week after Week !!

Charles with his 37kg mule

Jason nice one at 29kg

Gareth 32kg
Hi all, Just back from another stunner at the Three Kings, this time we had the boys from Highway stabilisers wanting to get into some of the hogs that hang about the banks, and man the results blew the boys away, saying that they could not believe how hard the monster kingi’s fight, with the biggest going a massive 42kg and many others in the high 30’s.  And if that wasn’t enough to rip your shorts try landing monster  Bass with the  biggest going  54kg and many others going in the high 40’s. It was a stunning trip to say the least and with the weather crap for the last day the boys had a few dive’s at the island, with Mike landing the best cray at just over 5kg !!!, they will need a big pot for that puppy. Well done boys, Till next week cheers Lance.

Mike happy with his 32kg king

Dennis solid at 33kg 

Toney with this 34kg bad boy

Gareth 33kg

Mike nice 30kg model

Hot bite on the king bank Mike and Gareth

Toney huge 45kg Bass

Gareth monster 56kg Bass
Charles happy with his 38kg Bass

Gareth solid 35kg fish

Glenn with the showstopper massive 42kg king fat as!!

Charles loaded up

Charles again in the 30's

Jason with his hog at 34kg

Mike 32kg fatty

Gareth get again in the 30's at 34kg
Glenn happy with his 42kg Bass

Mike's monster Bug