Saturday, April 4, 2015

More Three Kings Magic

The boys. We cater for some strange people at times
 Hi all , Just back from yet another great Three Kings Trip with a great bunch of kiwi boys, and it's all good on all fronts as usual. Marlin have really upped their game this week with good numbers of stripey's and a few bigger boys hanging around as well, Kingi's are going strong as ever with many good fish in the high 30's and lots in the low 30's and high 20's as well. Bass have shown up in good numbers as they get ready for spawning , no giants landed but plenty in the 30-40kg range, a few larger models were hooked but not landed anyone who thinks large hapuka and bass don't fight need to go to the kings Haha. Till next week Cheers Lance
Sully under pressure

James nice one at 32kg

Sully with a solid 34kg fish

Nick's 35kg hog fat as !!

Ben happy with this 33kg model

Carl releasing his Tagged stripey

Sully with another over 30 at 34kg

Carl with his 31kg kingi

Ben with this 37kg pig

CovaRose  Fighting with their Black Marlin

Sully solid as with this 35kg fatty

Puke locked in battle

Puke 33kg

Carl nice bass

Ben  stoked with this 95kg stripey

Bass fishing at it's best everyone hooked up

Puke 30kg bass

Carl 34kg bass

Nick 35kg bass

George 37kg bass

Sully happy at 31kg

Sully releasing his tagged marlin

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