Saturday, April 25, 2015

More insane session's at the King's!!!!!!!!!!

Eric with a fat 32kg King
 Hi all just back from another stunning trip to the Three King's, this week we had a group of students from Australia an one from NZ looking to beat their PB's an they sure done that an kept on doing it every day on the King fish. All the boy's got at least two over 30kg each an some up to as many as five and the biggest was sling weighed at a whopping 39kilo's a true horse of a fish as well as a lot more fat fish to test the boy's an their gear out an they were sure tested it was a hard road getting these boys to 100% on landing fish but we got their an wrecked them on the way so much they stopped fishing an said me an Phil our crewman have to have a fish so we had ago an both of us got our biggest fish , Phil with his biggest
King fish an my self with a big bass at 55kg while trying to
get a king fish!!!! its not often we drop a line down so
cheers boy's. We also tried our luck
on the bottom so the boys could try get a big Bass an it
went very well only doing a couple of drifts everyone
caught them selves a nice bass well done boy's.
Till next week Cheer's Steve
Eric with a 28kg King

Lee with a 27 fatty

Greg with his 34kilo horse

Dan's 33kg King

Eric hooked up

Greg with a 30k Kingi

Oscar's 26kg

Lee with a late 20's

Lee with a 30kilo

Eric's 36 kg Bass

Oscar with his 34kg Kingfish

Eric's 33kg pig

Crewman Phil with his 34 kg king

Captain Stove holding up his Monster 55kg Bass!!

Lees 28kg King fish

Dan with the 39kg showstopper

Greg's 40kilo Bass

Greg getting owned down the back!!

Dan with another nice fish

Eric with a long 34kg hog

Oscar's 35kg King

Another shot of Dan's 39kg

Oscar's 31 kg

Lee with another just on 30k

Lee's 32kg King