Friday, April 24, 2015

Metal Mayham at the Kings

Clem 34kg fatty
 Hi all just back from the Kings and again all is good. This time we had the NZ jigging guru Chris Wong and his good friend Oliver Wu from Swage  wanting to test some of their new gear out, and what better place than the Three Kings to do just that. This was to be a jig only trip with all fish to be caught on Metal, and when the dust had settled the boy's had some stunning results with the biggest kingi just under 40kg at 39 and many monster puka and bass to nearly 50kg !! . Got to admire some of the flash new gear from Swage and Jigstar, it came threw with flying colours  and the fish count was super impressive as well,  with so many kingi's in the 20kg bracket that it was just wasn't funny, with Bass an Hapuka climbing all over the gear as well. They also had a pro camera man on-board filming all the carnage so look out for the dvd  in the coming months. Till next week cheers Lance
Oliver tackle testing

Oliver with this mule that went 39kg

Clem under pressure

Clem nice 29kg kingi

Chris 33kg pig

Ross with a solid 32kg king

Tan Lock n loaded !!!

Marcus 31kg

Ross  30kg solid king

Chris feeling the burn

Ross testing the new range of jigstar rods

Oliver 34kg monster

Clem 32kg

Blake testing the new stuff out

Marcus again in the 30's

Ross getting tested himself

Tan nice 28kg

Murcus 29kg

Clem huge 42kg puka

Blake hiding behide this pig that went 41kg

Marcus monster bass 38kg

Marcus again with a solid Bass

Chris 46kg monster puka !!

Blake happy with this 32kg puppy

Clem again into solid kings

Marcus 33kg

More nice Bass

Chris wong hidden behide this huge 45kg bass

Marcus with another solid Bass

Chris happy as with his 42kg Bass