Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three Kings Still on Fire

Mike's 35kg hog
Hi all, Well the good trips keep on rolling out one after the other at the kings. Fishing on all fronts remain solid, kingis still lead the charge  with some very solid fish in and around the high 30's with many more in the high 20's as well. Bass and hapuka still biting  well with good numbers of fish and many doubles, not many drifts are needed for a good feed for the folks  back  home, Marlin are still coming to the party with the boys keeping one at 130kg and tagging one at 100kg. The Three Kings Rock ! Till next week cheers Lance
Richard with a huge 34kg pig

Damo 33kg

Boy's getting bent

Ian's 37kg monster

Mike again  breaks the 30kg mark

Richard with his first over 30kg at 33kg

Richard happy with this 34kg fatty

Damo 130kg striped marlin

Mike 36kg bass

Damo  close behind at 34kg

John 32kg

Ian 31kg

Dario 30kg 

Richard again in the 30's at 34kg

Richard with the biggest for the trip at 38kg

Phil at the helm 100% hook up, trying to make me look bad.

Damo  33kg

John happy with his 34kg king

Richard with a great double

Damo good puka

John solid double header

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