Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three Kings Setting the Standard

Chang with a good standard 28kg kingi
Hi all, as the title states there is a very high standard of kingi's at the three kings, with an average fish weighing in at 27-30kg it's so good that fish 25kg and under just get dropped off  the line no photo or cheering with the boy's smiling  and saying just another rat ah !! . Stickbaiting has pick up no end with the last few trips  having a ball on the long rods, nothing like seeing monster kingi's smashing the stickbiats around the islands gets your adrenalin flowing and the boys screaming, highly addictive for sure. Some nice bass and bluenose topped off a good all round trip. Till next week cheers Lance
Eldred's  massive 45kg king

Steven nice at 29kg

Eldred happy with this fine 27kg fish

Kevin mule at 34kg

Andrew 30kg even

Andrew all smiles 41kg bad bass

Eldred lifts his monster up for a photo 42kg

Steven hooked up on the stickbaits

Good stickbait caught kingi

Chang on the stickbaits

Doing battle around the islands

Great fishing in close to the princess group

Kevin with a solid one around the rocks

More over 30kg

Andrew with this pig at 37kg !!

Steven with a big  bluenose  21kg

Nice drift everyone hooking tasty nose