Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Three Kings Anglers Eldorado

Brad with a nice 32kg model

Riley 33kg  
 Hi all, well as the title states the three kings is surely the anglers Eldorado. Where in the world can  you catch kingfish up to 40kg on jigs in the morning, 50kg Hapuka in the afternoon and then tag a 100kg striped marlin on the way back to your anchorage, I’ll tell you where the Three Kings Islands New Zealand that’s where. Then go on the next day and get smashed hard on stickbaits with kingi’s coming in at 25kg - 38kg !! . We have just had a keen bunch of Aussy’s come over the ditch to experience all the Kings had to offer and man they were not disappointed. The fishing doesn’t get much better than what is on offer at the moment that’s for sure, It comes under the label it’s all good. Long may it last. till next week cheers Lance
Brad fat as 35kg

Ben working hard

Ben monster sling weighed at 40kg on the button

Riley more over 30kg

Ben mule of a fish 34kg

Brad horse at 36kg

Gman letting his tagged stripey go

Ben bent bad !!

Ben with another monster at 37kg

Gman's 31kg

Riley with a nice hapuka

Brad with a solid one as well

Ben's big hapuka

Brad on the jig

Aaron with a huge one

Gman's monster 50kg puka !!!

Aaron 38kg mule on the Stickbait Yeehaa 

Nice average of 28kg on the sticky's

Phil tracing a good one on the stickbaits

More stickbait action

Stickbait heaven

Everyone landed good ones with the stickbaits

Mystical place the princess group 

Ben just under 30kg

Gman's hog at 33kg

Riley 28kg

Aaron nice 32kg  

Brad 29kg

Ben's hog sling weighed at 37kg on the sticky's 

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