Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Starting on fire at the Three Kings!!!!!!

Lance with a nice king
 Hi all just back from our first tip to the Three Kings for 2015 an what a way to start!! This time a keen group of kiwi boys came to get amongst the action, get PB's an battle with cyclone Pam. Because of Pam we cut a day off the end and went hard with the boys to fish day break to dark an it sure paid off with both Bass an King fish. Bottom fishing went as good as it gets with numbers an quality with two nice big bass in the mid forties an also some nice bluenose on the way home. We only put a few hours into the king fish after catching livies an that was all we needed for a awesome session with nearly all the boys getting a King fish over 30kilos. An awesome way to kick our 2015 Three Kings season off!!!
Until next time cheers Steve

37kg DONKEY!!!!

John's 27kg King

Nutty's fat Kingi at 34kg

Nutty with a double of puka an bass

John with a nice 30k king

Awesome double of blue dogs

Lance with the 47kg show stopper

Kane's 32kg Kingfish

Boys after a good drift

John's 44kg Bass

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