Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ranfurly banks sending us off on fire!!!

One of many double headers 
Hi all just back from a stunning three day trip to the Ranfurly banks an what great trip at that, we had some of the best bottom fishing as well as Kingi fishing that we have seen all season, with the biggest kingfish going 36kg as well as more in the 30's and many in the mid to high twenty's proving hard work for the boys drop after drop. Our biggest Bass nearly reached the 50KG mark!! but was just shy at 48kilos Awesome to see these big boys still lerking in the depths, numbers were no problem smacking over all our fishing in a few drifts. One trip to do to the Ranfurly then looking forward to bringing you some awesome posts from the Three Kings!!
Till next time.
Cheers Steve

Nice 30kg king

Heath with a 33kg hog

Steph with some nice bugs

Boys with a couple bass

100% drift on Bass

All the boys hooked up to kingis

Mike with 28kg King

John with a beauty going 31kg

Heath with a 26kg kingi.

Steve with the 37kg show stopper kingfish

Steph an his 32kg horse

Fat king at 33kg

Heath with the 48kg pig

Last fish of the trip an what a way to end

Heath with another over 30kilos

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