Sunday, March 15, 2015

More Metal Mayham At the Three Kings

Boy's bent bad !!

Hot bite  on the King bank
 Hi all, just back from another good Three Kings trip with a great bunch of aussy's that wanted to tangle with the monster kingfish up the kings and tangle they did. Despite having to shorten the five day trip by one day because of cyclone pam to a four dayer the results were nothing short of stunning,with most of the group landing multiple kingis over 30kg, and the showstopper breaking the 40 at 41kg. Kingi fishing is as good as I have seen in the last few years with fish everywhere, from 10mtrs of water to 200mtrs of water, we are going to rename the place kingfish city. till next week cheers Lance
Jamie huge 41kg monster !!

Jas 30kg even

Stevie 29kg

The boy's feeling the burn !!

Jas just under 30kg

Matt nice one at 28kg

Stevie 31kg solid king

Blake breaks into the 30kg club  

Jamie with his first over 30kg at 33kg

Stevie railed as !!!

Stevie's monster at 38kg  

Steven good one at 28kg

Matt happy at 33kg

Matt 34kg around the islands

Steven hides behind this mule at 35kg

Jas solid at 34kg

Yellowfin on the jig cool as

Jas again into the monsters around the islands 32kg

Hard fighting fish at the princess  group  

Oh no !! Jas your Rod is not half what it used to be

Stevie with yet another hog 31kg

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