Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Insane times at the King's!!!!

Steve's 34g king
Hi all just back from a awesome trip to the three kings!! The Aussie boys got to enjoy One of our best trips ever it was absolutely insane fishing everyday for king fish this week, it truly does not get any better, the boys smashed the kingi's , themselves an allot of gear as well, our show stopper king fish went 41kg on the scales!!!! an many nor n the mid to high 30's and our total tally reaching 37 king fish over 30kg's!!!!! We were also lucky enough to get a striped marlin aswel as a couple more inquires on the lures it was a good way to give the boys a much needed rest in between the carnage of the epic fishing.
The boys got a couple nice bass up to 38kg's to add to the list. Well done boy's ya smashed it!!!
Until next cheers Steve

Gray's 32 kg

Greg with a 31

Gray's 33kg

Steve getting owned

Tony's 28kg

Simon's 34kg King

Gobby's 36kg horse

Kent's 30kg

Steve with a 32kg

Steve's 35kilo King

Simon's fatty at 34kg

Greg's 30kg

Kent's 32kg fish

Cobby's 31kg King

Gray hooked up at the islands

Tony getting worked hard her

Tony's 35kg short but fat pig

Tony with a 32 kilo King

Simon's 35k horse

Tony with yes another over 30!

Happy (wrecked crew)

Greg with the 41kg horse sling weighed an released

Kent's 33kg Bass

Gray's 38kilo Bass

Tony's 36kilo

Steve battling at the islands

Gobby's 38kg monster

Kent with a 32kg king

Gobby with a nice 34kg fish

A nice king for Tony at the island

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