Monday, February 23, 2015

Ranfurly Bank still going strong

Allan with the 37kilo fatty 
Hi all, just back from a great trip to ranfurly with the boy's from highway stabiliser's, The boys got into some some pretty good sessions on the king fish using abit of everything from live baits to stick baits an the biggest King sling weighed at 37kg!! a hog of a fish aswel as many more nice fish, We certainly worked hard with the bottom fishing but the end result speaks for it self with the boys catching Bass an Puka up to 38kg's!!!
Till next time.
Cheers Steve.
Allan with his 28kg Puka

Johns 38kg bass

Bruiser with a nice puka at 33kg's

John with a fish in the mid twenty's

Trever hooked up!!!

Giff with a 31kg king

Trev's  33kg King

Griff with another nice Puka

Allan's 28kg King

Another nice shot of the 37kg horse

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