Friday, February 27, 2015

Kingi Heaven at the Three Kings

Good fishing in close to the islands
Hi all, just back from Jigstar Africa’s second rampaging run at the Three Kings and holy smoke Kingi fishing at its best was encountered on all fronts. The thing that was most pleasing was size, a very high standard indeed with the Joe average kingi at about 27kg lots and lots in the high 20’s and early 30’s were found, with the monster of the packs going an impressive 43kg , the other thing was location fantastic fishing around the princess group and great island, great scenic location with the islands as a backdrop. The boys only did a couple of drops for puka as they were flying home, but we still manage a few hogs with our crewman Phil landing his personal best. Till next week cheers Lance  

Boys getting tested hard !!!

Some scenic views around the princess group  

Good kingi's in our anchorage

More kingi's at the anchorage

Taxman took the biggest kingi around the islands dam !!

Dave happy with his nice  king

Arthur nice at 33kg  

Hot bite on the king bank

Tony with his first over 30kg

Arthur with a nice one

Tony 31kg fatty

More hot bites

Earl happy with this nice average

Mike hog at 34kg

Earl stoked with another over 30kg

Our crewman Phil with his P.B puka at 40kg

Roy tests out the light stuff at the islands

Solid island king

Earl treats us to sushi   

Earl at work

Earl with a monster that went 36kg

Arthur again in the high 30's

Arthur 31kg around the islands

Dave's light tackle trev cool fun

Mike railed as

Arthur again high 30's

Mark with a solid kingi at 33kg

Arthur hog at 37kg

Dave with a solid kingi

Arthur with the showstopper at 43kg !!!!!!

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