Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years slam at the Banks


29kg's so close!!
 Hi all just back from our first trip to Ranfurly of 2015 an what a good way to kick the new year off, this time we had a tandem trip with a group of keen top water fisherman all the way from Japan to come get a piece of the action that Ranfurly Banks has to offer on both Cova Rose and Enchanter. Having both boats to track down top water action certainly gives us a big advantage to get amongst the awesome visuals an fights that top water has to offer an this time we landed king fish up to 35kg's with many more in the 20's an 30's, although top water was the priority this trip we also had some great action jigging for kings an also a few bottom fish for the table with the biggest bass weighing in at 47KG's!!!!! a monster of the deep. A good start to the new year with only
good things to come, water keeps getting warmer
each day now alreadyat a solid 20 degrees,
Bring on the first stick face!!
Until next time.
Cheers Steve and Lance

Hooked up to a nice king on top water gear

22kg King

Nice shot of a hapuka

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33kg Kingi

32Kg KIng

Nice King in the Mid twenty's

The monster of the trip 47kg's


31kg Kingfish




Anther just under the 30kg mark


Group photo heading home



35kg horse

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