Saturday, January 31, 2015

White Island erupting!!!!!

 Hi all just back from a stunner trip to white island with a bunch of keen kiwis looking to feel the power of some monster king fish an they sure done that without a doubt managing to land kin fish up to 35kg's an many more monsters.
We also dropped in the deep for a feed of bluenose which proved to be hard work but the boys still got enough for a good feed. Great to see White island producing so well.
Until next time cheers Steve.

34kilo horse!!!

Nice king in the high twenty's

Fatty at 31kg's

another 31kg horse

The monster at 35kg's

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ranfurly Banks the good times keep rolling

Hi all, just returned from yet another great trip from the Banks, this time we had had some good ole kiwi boys and a few of their ozie mates do a storming raid on the Ranfurly and the place lived up to its great reputation. The kingis sure came on strong with a hot bite that just didn’t stop drift after drift the rods bent bad,  what was good to see was the average size  increase to mid 20’s - 30’s being the norm. Hapuka were also on the chew with some real monsters pulling the scales down to 45kg and 40kg being the best, huge  for puka  that's for sure. Then came monster bluenose where one drift resulted in everyone getting double headers, and if that wasn't enough marlin have turned up in numbers to make trolling back and forth from the banks very exciting. Till next time cheers Lance
Ash stoked with his 34kg hog
Still smiling with this 29kg model
John with his  nice striped marlin
Haze happy with 32kg
John nice average of 28kg
Mick solid fish at 27kg
Bob just on 30kg even
Gordy nice 26kg fish
Boys getting bent on a hot bite
Bob's big bluenose
Big Bad Willy Brown holds his 32kg up for a photo
Mick happy with this nice bluenose
John with the monster at 45kg !!!
Steve close behind at 40kg

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ranfurly going strong

Chook's 24kg king
Hi all just back from another great trip to the Ranfurly Banks chasing king fish with konishi kenji the maker of carpenter rods and lures to test out some new gear an beat personal bests. Top water action is still going strong on the bank producing some awesome quality upto 37 kg's as well as plenty of big fish on the jigs. We also had a couple of awesome surprises seeing marlin attacking the stick baits but wernt lucky enough to land one on a stick bait. Luck did prove good to us on our way home landing a 115kg striped marlin, awesome to get on the board!!!!
Cheers Steve
Kingi in the mid twenty's

34kg horse

Tak's 25kg king fish

Hooked up
Tak with 28kg fatty

The 37kg horse

Konishi with a 35kgking

another in the high 20's

115kg striped marlin

28kg king fish

awesome shot

Konishi with another ripper

36kg donkey!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Surface action erupting at the furly

Nice fat 25kg
Hi all just back from another stunner of a trip to the Ranfurly banks mainly targeting king fish with a team from the Beijing fishing club an wow what a major improvement in fishing we got to see almost over night!!, Top water fishing has absolutely exploded into action with big fish and many of them with biggest on top water coming in at a HUGE 46kg's as well as many more in the thirty's an the average around 25kg's. The start of some awesome surface action to come as well as game fishing now the water has reached over 21 degrees.
Until next time Cheers Steve
34kg horse

Hooked up

The 46kg show stopper

31kg on the surface

Ken with a 28kg kingi

Ken hooked up


Two kingfish over 20kg's on ONE stickbait

ken's 36kg donkey

38kg fatty

Nice one in the mid twenty's

another in the early 30's

Nice fatty

29kg on the stickbaiit

Quick drift for dinner