Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Monsters on the Ranfurly Banks

Michael hooked up  

Michael nice at 30kg
 Hi all, well as the tittle stats there are some true monsters turning up on the Furly. Last trip seen a group of  very keen jiggers from Singapore wanting to get amongst some ranfurly giants and the place didn't disappoint. Hapuka fishing was good with the best going a massive 51kgs, this is one of the biggest true hapuka we have seen in a very long time, and kingi fishing wasn't far behind with Rahim boating the best two that went a huge 36 and 39kg well done that man, many others in the mid to high 20.s fell to the jigs as well. Top water is just starting to fire up with water temps climbing over the magic mark of 20c so watch out for some good reports on top water in the next few weeks. Cheers for now Lance 

Remy Cham 51kg!!!!

Siong  solid 32kg king

Rahim HUGE 39kg kingi

Good 28kg Ranfurly kingi 

Michael happy with this 26kg kingi

Rahim again smashes monsters at 36kg

Friday, December 4, 2015

Capt Phil finds the hogs at white island

Mohammed starts the trip at the night's anchorage 20kg

Mohammed getting worked hard
 Hi all, just back from an overnighter to White Island with an Aussie angler looking to tangle with some monster NZ kingfish and wow did it put on a show producing some monster kingi's up to 32kg. In a great start to the trip the night fishing came alive, providing a nice warm up for the carnage that was to come the following day. Squid were in abundance around the island and the flying fish were literally jumping in the boat trying to escape the packs of marauding kingi's. Consistent action throughout the day and a few hogs in the mix are surely a promising sign of things to come. It's great to see White Island back at its best and can't wait to get back out there. Till next time cheers, Phil.
Nate helps out with a nice double

Mohammed breaks the 30kg barrier at 32kg

Another solid kingi at 29kg

Nate holds another for our tired angler

Friday, November 13, 2015

Back in action on the Ranfurly Banks

Laurie with a nice 27kg kingi
 Hi all, well it's good to be back at the helm of the trusty Enchanter and plying our luck down the ranfurly. We had a good bunch of guy's armed with jigs and a tank of livies, with a great weather forecast to boot and the place didn't disappoint, Puka took a bit to find but once we found them it was all go with every rod bent and many doubles as well, the best going just under 40kg not bad for a long nose. Kingis bit well but many small to average sized fish were landed until the crous brothers fired up with 2 great fish that went 30 and 31 very respectable, lots of others in the high teens and early 20's.Well both Cova Rose and Enchanter have fairly full books and water temps are racing up. Bring on the new season, watch this space for regular updates from now on. Cheers Lance

The best puka at 38kg

Scotty happy with his 28kg fatty

Arbri with a beauty that went 31kg 

Fanus  30kg hog

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Three King's 2015 ending on top!!!!

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 Hi all we have just finished our Three King's season for 2015 with a very successful 8DAY TRIP!!!! with keen bunch of hardcore Jigger's all the way from Brazil to test out their gear an attempt to smash their personal record's and they sure got to do that on the King fish with the largest sling weighed at 35kg as well as many more fantastic fish coming over the rail on both Jig's an also a few live baits. Bass fishing also went very well making it easy to get onto some good quality fish up to the 50kg mark!!  As well as plenty of numbers for the bin.
It's awesome to see that the fishing is still this spectacular in June an we hope to do even more
trips this late in the season in our future season's
to come. Ill be looking forward to bringing some
great post's once we are down south catching
Till next time Cheer's Steve
Sergio  with a nice 31kg Kingfish

Herbert with his 33kg King

Renaldo with the big Bass at 50kg

Jeeko with his 35kg horse!!!

Herbert feeling the power

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Jeeko with another fantastic King around the 30kg mark

Herbert with a 28kg King

Renaldo struggling to not get railed

Herbert with his 36kg Bass

Sergio with his 34kg Bass

Deckhand  Nate with a decent King

Renaldo with another shot of the horse!!!

Jeeko with King in the high twenty's

Jeeko feeling some serious power

Jeeko with the 35kg Horse

Boy's hooked up

Jeeko with a 31kg King

Sergio with a nice 32kg King

Herbert with a nice hapuka

Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Kings Finish as Good As it Started

Lou with a nice 26kg king
Hi all, well as you read this Enchanter and crew a heading home for a well deserved break after 6 months solid at the Three Kings, and as the tittle states it finished as good as it started with trip after trip the boys getting bent bad on solid kings and monster bass, it was a season to remember that's for sure. Time to reflect on the season and if it's one thing that came though trip after trip was the number of monster fish that just smashed the boys off, rods, reels and tackle got trashed, trip after trip. We kept on saying don't take a knife to a gun fight but that's what happened with many monsters just not being able to be stopped. This place is for HEAVY tackle only don't think for one minute that you can come here and land a monster on light tackle it just won't happen, you will get smoked lose your fish and go home with a story, no one likes a story. If you have a trip booked here next year read this and take note Pe8-pe10  130lb is what you need, that's what i would be fishing on, the kings doesn't take prisoners and you spend a lot of money to get here and the only thing holding you to the fish of a lifetime is your tackle, take it from me as i see it trip after trip. till next time cheers Lance  

Lawrence getting bent Bad 

Lawrence 28kg

Mick 30kg

Miargi 32kg

Z man getting bent

Lou locked in battle

Lou nice at 33kg

Mick's monster 41kg !!!

Miargi hooked up

Miargi 35kg horse

Everyone getting in on the action

Miargi 29kg

Lawrence working hard 

Mick under pressure

Z nice 28kg

Miargi loaded

Mick with another over 30kg

Lou yet again breaks the 30 at 32kg
Chris with this solid 45kg Bass

Mick solid 29kg