Monday, December 1, 2014

More Ranfurly Bank Rippers

Hi all, just back from yet another great Ranfurly trip, this time we had some  good ole kiwi boys wanting to have a crack at some Ranfurly line rippers, and the place didn’t disappoint that’s for sure. The bottom fishing for Hapuka and bluenose is second to none right at the moment, not too many drifts are needed to secure a good feed for the family’s back home, many double headers in fact most drops were all doubles of big bluenose or monster puka. Kingis again come to the party with the boys nailing 4 over the magic mark of 30kg and many more in the 20-30kg range. Till next week cheers Lance  

Shaun solid bluenose

Steve nice double header

Jase 20kg bluenoce

Rodney with his double header

Earl happy with his double of big pukas

everyone nailing double headers

Dave nice Hapuka

Jase with the big bad boy 38kg

Archie 31kg

Rodney with his 29.95kg Kingi

Steve 27kg

Earl 34kg hog

Jase 30kg

Steve 32kg

Dave happy with his 26kg jig caught kingi

Boys on a hot kingi bite

Archie  28kg