Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ranfurly going strong

Manny with a King in the mid twenty's
Brendon hooked up!!
 Hi all, just back from yet another great trip to the Ranfurly Banks with a bunch of Aussie boy's who pretty much all managed to smash their personal bests jigging for kingfish up towards 30kg. We also had a good session on the bottom getting a few nice Puka for the boys to take home, good to see the Ranfurly keeps getting better as the season goes on.
Until next time Cheers Steve

Hooked up!

Wicked drift on the bottom

Manny hooked up again

Manny's nice fish just under the 30 mark

Brendon's 26kg king

Georgie's 26kg

Manny's 29kg king

Another nice fish from Manny

Spearo with a very nice puka

Georgie with his 28kg

Wow! a seriously bent rod!!

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