Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ranfurly Getting Better by the day

Hi all, just returned from another good trip down the banks, this time we had the boys from Yeehaa with some of their good clients, and the banks fired up well with the best kingi going 33kg and the best hapuka a huge 38kg. I cant remember such a good run of monster puka , these last few trips have seen some true hogs on the bottom dwellers long may it last. Water temps are still struggling to reach 16c and this is slowing down the kingi bite, but we are not complaining still lots of solid kingis in the 20-30kg range. I'm picking once temps hit 17c all hell will break lose on the bank as they will feed up hard for their spawning. till next week cheers Lance

Albert 29kg

Shem 31kg

Luke 28kg

Albert 28kg

Luke 30kg

Andy 33kg

Luke 26kg

Clement 32kg puka

Luke nice bluenose

Nice double header

Albert stuggles to lift up his brace of hog puka

Luke with his monster puka

Andy 38kg puka

Clement  29.9kg kingi

Covarose into the action as well

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