Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ranfurly between the gales

Hi all, Well the fishing has been good when we can do it without being BLOWN away, Man have we had enough of this shit weather or what, trip after trip we have gale warnings in force roll on summer. But when we can fish on the bank the results have been very rewarding with a nice run of fat pre spawn kingis, no real monsters on the last trip but good numbers of 20-30kg fish. Puka fishing picked up a bit with two huge puka that went 38kg and 40kg huge for hapuka. Till next week cheers Lance
Chris 27kg

Ron just under 30kg

Sasha nice  puka 

Ron with a solid puka

Tim monster hapuka 40kg

Jon with his hog

Jae 30kg


Tim good snappa

Ron with a solid kingi

Jon with his 31kg kingi

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