Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ranfurly Banks Return of the GIANTS !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi all, as the title stats Ranfurly return of the giants is not an under statement, we have just returned form a stunning trip with some of the biggest kingis this early season has seen, when all the dust settled the boys had 5 over the magic mark of 40 with the biggest going 48kg!!, throw in some monster hapuka and big bass and you can see why we are excited. Man  if this is the start what the hell is the rest of the season going to bring, dare we say it, is this the year that the all tackle record of 52kg is going to fall ? who knows but what we do know is we busted much bigger fish off , we broke rods, blew up reels and smashed 170lb leaders !. These fish tested all but the best of tackle. If you have a trip down here in the next few weeks be warned don't go taking a knife to a gun fight as they say, bring out the big guns the bigger the better. till next week Lance.
Lal with a double of nice bluenose

Michael 27kg

Arbri getting tested

Arbri  40kg

Michael with some of the smashed gear  

Fanus 48kg monster !!

Michael 45kg reef donkey

Lal 31kg

Bill happy with his double header

Fanus with his second at 46kg

Fanus with his third over 40 at 41kg

Bill 25kg

Michael 27kg

Michael nice double of puka

Cornelius  solid Hapuka 

Fanus monster puka at 38kg

Michael nice bass
Michael good bluenose

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