Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ranfurly at it's finest!!!!

Bill with a nice 33kg kingi
Hi all, well what an awesome trip we have just had at the Ranfurly Jigging and live baiting for king fish and WOW what a huge improvement on the top of the bank with both good quality up to 38kg's and fantastic numbers to keep the boys hooked up. Fishing is getting hotter an hotter each day in the shallows with massive amounts of bait turning up and is really looking to be a great season to come. We also got on to some second to none bottom fishing making short work of it to get a good feed.  With the biggest Hapuka going 38kg's and more in the high twenty's an thirty's. Until next time.
Cheers Steve
Brads 36kg Hapuka
Todd hooked up!!

Bill getting owned

Brads 26kg king fish

Good drift on the bottom

Goldys 23kg king

Carl's 25kg Kingi

Nathan with the 37kg hog

Carl's fat horse 38kg's

Todd's 25kg Kingi

Carl with another in the high twenty's

Brads 22kg King

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