Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hogs showing up at Ranfurly

Hi all, just returned from our second trip down the banks and there are some true hogs showing up. We had the guru Mogi yoichi and a bunch of keen jiggers from Japan try their luck on the banks with some stunning results, many P.B's were smashed and there was some serious arm stretching done as well, when the dust settled the boys had 7 over the magic mark of 30kg and 1 over 40kg as well. Top water went off big time with 2 of the 30's taken on the surface baits, many others in the 20's smashed the stickbaits at times clear of the water, great visuals no wonder this type of fishing is so addictive. Bass and hapuka were again slow with no monsters, this will change with water temps still struggling to reach 16c. Till next week cheers Lance
Yuki 38kg (fatty)

Sato 41kg monster fish so long and heavy we just couldn't get a good photo

Kingis were not the only ones on the bite

Hiro with his hog 35kg

Great to see monster fish released to fight another day

Kenji 32kg

Asian fish head soup Yum

Yuki 39kg fat as

Stickbaits ON !!!

Hiro 35kg stickbait

Kenji 34kg

Deadly little flying fish minnow

That's how a hog pulls line

Ken 30kg on the stickbait


  1. Thanks Lance. I have had one of the best time in my life. I apriciate your performance and your best services. You are absolutly the best skipper I've ever met! I made the video of our trip for my memory. Once again thanks so much. Best Regard. Ken


  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvmGqV3Z33g

    changed my video