Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back on the Ranfurly Banks

Hi all, will after some RNR  Enchanter, CovaRose and crew are back into it full swing and what better place to start with than the famed Ranfurly banks. We have both just come off a six day trip with a bunch of keen aussy's booking both boats for a tandem trip, Great way to start with both boats rafted up each night in hicks bay for dinner swapping story's, and downing a few cold ones. The fishing was good but we had to work at it too produce some quality fish with many small to average sized kingi's charging in on the jigs, many fish were in the 15-20 kg range but with perseverance we managed to boat some real goody's with 7 over 30kg and the best going a respectable 37kg. Some fun was had on the stickbaits with many in the 20's and quite a few going into the high 20's, great to see  such early topwater action, it can only get better as the water temps warm up. Puka were a bit tough with us both having to work at it to produce the goods as they say but in the end some nice puka fell to the jigs with the best at 38kg. Well stay tuned in guy's as both boats have a busy schedule and the reports will be flowing in from now on, till next week cheers from Lance and Steve.
Jase with the first over 30 at 33kg

Chucky with a solid 34kg

Jase with a nice 28kg model

Andy found the biggest puka at 38kg

Jase close behind at 35kg

Moody with a good 35kg

Jase so close at 29.5kg

Andy gets his (30 over)  at 34kg

Jase into the stickbait action 26kg

Sammy's best on the sticky's 27kg
CovaRose in action

 Paua and crays for dinner. Slappy you Da Man !!!!

shocking dinner

Moody takes out the Whopper of the week at 37kg

Sweden bent bad on the stickbait set

OH NO  Sweden where is the rest of your rod !!

Both boats rafted up in hicks bay

Andy put the hurt on a solid fish

Adam gets into the action

Angela with a nice 30kg puka

Angela with a King just under the 30 mark

Horse trumpeter on a jig

Garin's king in the mid 20's

Buzz with a nice king

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