Sunday, June 1, 2014

Three King's still going strong!!

Tony hiding behind his 54kg bass
 Hi all just back from another great trip to the King's, this time with a group of mad keen anglers from Australia trying to beat there PB's an they sure done that with out much trouble. The boys had some awesome sessions on king fish with both jig's an live bait an the biggest king fish went 37kg's an many more I the 30's an the high 20's. Bass fishing also went well only being able to target a hand full with over sea's guys an they sure got lucky managing to get two bass around 50kg absolutely blowing the boy's away. Until next time.
Cheers Steve
Mike's 37kg hog

Mike with a 32kg

Slappy's 33kg king

Tony with a nice king

Rodger with a 30kg

Rodger with a nice bass just under 50kg

Slappy's 32kg king

Rodger with his 34kg king

Rodger with a 32kg king

Anton's 31kg King1

Rodger's 35kg king

Slappy's 32kg king

The boy's hooked up!

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