Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three Kings The door closes

William high stick heaven !!!

Jack with his first at 31kg
 Hi all, well the door finally closes on a fantastic Kings season with Enchanter and crew heading home to the Bay of plenty for some well needed RNR. We look back on what was a fantastic season, all in all we have no complaints, trip after trip the fishing knocked the boys socks off  with hog kingis and monster Bass, with many more that just could not be stopped, right up to the end this place taught all who fished here lessons in tackle and gear. If you have a trip booked next year, again we warn you bring the heaviest tackle known to man or pay the price in the way of lost monsters !. I sign off now and will start up the reports on the Furly in late October, Keep an eye out for the reports from capt Steve when he starts up on the Giant Bluefin Tuna in August. Till then cheers, Lancer out.    
Jack with the SHOWSTOPPER 43kg monster 

Nick with a nice 32kg model

Rob with his 28kg

Mick 29kg

William happy with his 30kg fatty

Nick with a nice bass

Andrew lifts the best bass at 41kg

Rob with a 31kg 

Jack with his bass

Mick solid 34kg kingi

Chris tests one of the new jig stars out

Rob happy with his 32kg king

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