Saturday, May 31, 2014

Three Kings More of the good stuff

Wendy with her 33kg mule

Neil with his 34kg fatty
 Hi all, well it's still all good at the kings with yet another great trip, this time the group were  master baiters with no jigs used at all, and the results were the same old story, stunning kingis and Bass with some monster hapuka thrown in to make the mix. When they had their arms stretch enough on the fish they went on to do some orsum diving  at the island , great way to mix it up having to eat crayfish every night for dinner was tough but we got used to it. Till next week cheers Lance 
Bryce with his 45kg bass

Neil 31kg

Peter with a big Hapuka

Wendy struggles to lift this 52kg monster

Peter 32kg

Bob with his P.B at 34kg

Peter 33kg

Neil with his 41kg puka

Craig happy with his 30kg kingi 

Wendy with this huge hapuka at 47kg

Bryce 32kg

Bryce 33kg

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