Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Three Kings Battle of the Giants

Simon 33kg
 Wow stop the press, The Three kings has exploded into a major battle field with huge kingi's on the lose, and I mean HUGE. The latest trip was a war zone to say the least, so many kingis in the high 30's and a few over 40kg as well. In fact never can we remember a trip with so many over 30kg, kingis in the high 20's were considered rats and released with cheer or photo.  Day after day the red hot bite continued with them attacking  anything that looked like food, jigs, live bait, dead bait, everything you put in the water got smashed, One of the boys commented  put an old shoe down there and they will bite it. Not only were kingis  on the bite we were lucky enough to tangle with the gladiator of the sea, with Anthony landing a nice Broadbill sword fish after a 40 minute tussle. Till next week cheers Lance
Anthony 34kg 

Andrew 32kg

Andrew 42kg mule !

Simon 34kg

Craig feels the burn 

Nick with his 30kg king

Boys on a hot bite

Criag 46kg monster !!!

Another charter boat on our secret kingi spot !! (Cova rose) 

Boys doing battle

Mr D seriously hooked up

Andrew 36kg

Simon 37kg fatty

Craig happy with his 32kg kingi 

Tomas brakes into the 30's

Andrew with another over 30

Andrew 33kg

Anthony testing out the pink pussy 

The pink pussy delivers

Nick ups his new P.B to 35kg

Craig 34kg

Andrew 36kg

Mr D 32kg

Tomas 31kg

Andrew 38kg monster

Mr D 33kg

Jakes first over 30kg

Mr D again in the 30's

Andrew more monsters at 37kg

Tomo 34kg

Craig 33kg

Nick 34kg

Craig 39kg monster

Jake 37kg mule !!

Jake helps nick to lift his  35kg pig up

Doubles were common

Tomo with a nice Bass

Jake with the best Bass at 45kg

Nick with a tagged 38kg mule

Anthony with the Gladiator 80kg sword  

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