Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monster's at the King's

Steve's 28kg king
 Hi all, just back from the Three King's again with a bunch of kiwi's testing out there Studio Ocean Mark reel's an new range of rod's an they sure tested them an there own jigging skill's as well. The boys jigged long an hard for tiring but good results with the big biggest King fish going 38kg's. Bottom Fishing was fantastic producing good numbers an good size also, the biggest bass went 65kg's and another at 56kg's it's awesome to see these big fish it never gets old!! Until next time.
Cheers Steve

Graham's 26kg Kingi

Steve's 41kg Bass

Slappy sneaking in for a photo with the 65kg monster

Steve's 16lbs snapper

Steve's 46kg Bass

An awesome drift on the Blue nose

Graham with the 65kg show stopper

Steve's 38kg Kingi

Jimmy with his 56kg Bass

Jimmy's Hapuka

Steve hooked up to a hog

Slappy with a 31kg king at the island

Jimmy with a nice Kingi

The boy's with a double on the jigs

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