Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Metal storm at the Kings

Stunning shot of our jumping marlin

Goito  with his first over 30kg
 Hi all, just had the jigging  guru Mogi Yoichi and some of his friends do a metal raid on the kings with all the boys braking the magic mark of 30kg.These guys are what we call purists they live by the jig they die by the jig, no baits of any kind were used and the results were stunning, kingi's, puka, Bass, Terakihi all fell to the metal. Marlin have again shown up in a few areas with the last three trips all seeing action of some kind, good to see that we may have a last run on these angry visitors. Till next week Cheers Lance. 
Boys locked in battle

Hiro 34kg hog

Hiro 30kg fatty

Hiro happy with his 115kg stripey

Masaaki solid  32kg

Hiro with his monster jig and monster puka

Masaaki with a good Bass

Masaaki 26kg top water

Hiro with his best at 33kg

Mogi Yoichi feels the burn

Masaaki with the best kingi at 35kg

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