Monday, May 26, 2014

Madness at the King's

Woody with his 31kg King
Hi all, just back from another great trip to the Three King's, this time with a group of keen Chinese angler's an for some it was there first time fishing for decent sized fish an they were certainly surprised by wot big king fish are capable of. The boys had some awesome kingi action with the biggest at 41kg an a few more in the high 30's as well. Bas fishing went well also with the biggest going 54kg and a couple in the high forty's certainly giving the boy's a run for there money. Until next weekCheers Steve
A serious bend in this rod!!!
The 54kg show stopper

Max with his 37kg King

The boy's on a couple hog's

Yulin with his 38kg hog

Nemo with a nice Kingi

Nemo with 35kg

David with a nice King

Billy with a nice big bass

The 41kg monster

Woody with his 33kg King

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