Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fishing on fire at the Three King's

Dylan's 33kg
Hi all just back from another awesome trip to the Three Kings with a group of keen kiwi boys from the Waikato an man did they have a good time with the great fishing up here. The trip got off to a great start with two striped marlin landed on the way up on the first day both tagged an released, first marlin for both angler's. King fish went very well with live baits doing the damage landing eleven fish over 30kg an the biggest went 37kilo's. The bass fishing also went pretty well with good size an consistent numbers, our biggest bass went 50kg this time and many more in the mid
to high 40'sit's great to see this big are still around.
Cheers Steve
Dion's 29kg king

George with the 37 kilo beast

Dion's marlin (estimated 135kg)

Jason's 47kg bass

Our yummy entree

George an his 42kg bass

Allan's 45kg bass

Dion with a couple of nice bug's

John with a nice 46kg bass

John with his marlin (estimated 100kg)

Craig's 36kg King

Dylan's 31kg King

Jason's 26kg King on a spear

Dion with the 50kilo monster

Dylan's 34kg King

Jason's 33kg King

An awesome double shot (37kg-36kg)

Dylan with another in the 30's

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