Saturday, May 31, 2014

Three Kings More of the good stuff

Wendy with her 33kg mule

Neil with his 34kg fatty
 Hi all, well it's still all good at the kings with yet another great trip, this time the group were  master baiters with no jigs used at all, and the results were the same old story, stunning kingis and Bass with some monster hapuka thrown in to make the mix. When they had their arms stretch enough on the fish they went on to do some orsum diving  at the island , great way to mix it up having to eat crayfish every night for dinner was tough but we got used to it. Till next week cheers Lance 
Bryce with his 45kg bass

Neil 31kg

Peter with a big Hapuka

Wendy struggles to lift this 52kg monster

Peter 32kg

Bob with his P.B at 34kg

Peter 33kg

Neil with his 41kg puka

Craig happy with his 30kg kingi 

Wendy with this huge hapuka at 47kg

Bryce 32kg

Bryce 33kg

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Three Kings Simply stunning !!!

Ray with his hog at 39kg
 Hi all, well it's getting hard to report that trip after trip is just simply stunning fishing this season at the Three Kings, you just need to look back at all the reports and see that this is a very special place, and no matter what time or month we fished we ended up with the same results, stunning  fishing for kingfish,Hapuka and monster Bass. Marlin did make a showing but not as good as other years. Well the countdown is on for Enchanter and crew as we again head for the kings with 2 trips left to do, two more reports to show you couch potatoes that you need to get yourselves on a trip up here and smash some monsters. Till next week cheers Lance

Nuttyman 33kg

Ray 42kg monster

Nuttyman 34kg fatty

Nuttyman 35kg

Zarn 34kg

Elbow 31kg

Nev 33kg

Ray 36kg

Zarn 32kg

Ray with nice Bass

Nuttyman happy with his Bass

Beardog 51kg Fatty

Linso happy with his 31kg kingi

James 32kg

Brad with the monster of the pack at 58kg

Monday, May 26, 2014

Madness at the King's

Woody with his 31kg King
Hi all, just back from another great trip to the Three King's, this time with a group of keen Chinese angler's an for some it was there first time fishing for decent sized fish an they were certainly surprised by wot big king fish are capable of. The boys had some awesome kingi action with the biggest at 41kg an a few more in the high 30's as well. Bas fishing went well also with the biggest going 54kg and a couple in the high forty's certainly giving the boy's a run for there money. Until next weekCheers Steve
A serious bend in this rod!!!
The 54kg show stopper

Max with his 37kg King

The boy's on a couple hog's

Yulin with his 38kg hog

Nemo with a nice Kingi

Nemo with 35kg

David with a nice King

Billy with a nice big bass

The 41kg monster

Woody with his 33kg King

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monster's at the King's

Steve's 28kg king
 Hi all, just back from the Three King's again with a bunch of kiwi's testing out there Studio Ocean Mark reel's an new range of rod's an they sure tested them an there own jigging skill's as well. The boys jigged long an hard for tiring but good results with the big biggest King fish going 38kg's. Bottom Fishing was fantastic producing good numbers an good size also, the biggest bass went 65kg's and another at 56kg's it's awesome to see these big fish it never gets old!! Until next time.
Cheers Steve

Graham's 26kg Kingi

Steve's 41kg Bass

Slappy sneaking in for a photo with the 65kg monster

Steve's 16lbs snapper

Steve's 46kg Bass

An awesome drift on the Blue nose

Graham with the 65kg show stopper

Steve's 38kg Kingi

Jimmy with his 56kg Bass

Jimmy's Hapuka

Steve hooked up to a hog

Slappy with a 31kg king at the island

Jimmy with a nice Kingi

The boy's with a double on the jigs