Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Kings still going strong

Josh with a nice 27kg
Hi all just back from another trip to the kings with a bunch of keen kiwi anglers testing out there jigging skills an they were sure tested on some king fish on our first explosive session nearly every jig was getting smashed wearing the boys down after a few drifts, we didn't manage to break the 30kg mark this time but had lots of fish in the mid to high twenty's. We had some nice bass come up an some monster's we couldn't stop, the biggest bass went 60kg's an absolutely stunning fish to see come up from the depth's.
Cheers Steve
Derrick with a 26kg on a stick bait

Andrew with a 24kg

Craig with his 25kg king

Andrew with the 60g show stopper!!!

Andrew with a 23kg

Al with his 22kg king

Andrew's 26kg king

Derrick hooked up at the island's on a stick bait

Craig's nice bass

Josh with a 38kg bass

Sam an josh with a couple of great bass
ROAD CONE with his nice snapper

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