Monday, April 28, 2014


The boy's with dinner
 Hi all just back from another stunner at the kings, this place continues to produce good catches trip after trip. King fish went very well with the help of some pretty good live bait fishing each morning, the boys landed fifteen king fish over 30kg and the biggest went 38kg the fishing up here is second to none at the moment. Our bottom fishing also went very good for us managing to find a couple of monster bass the biggest weighing in at 60kg before the scales blew to pieces!!. We also had some amazing diving around the island's we were lucky enough to stumble across a nest which was
absolutely packed with nice red's, awesome work boy's!!!
Cheers Steve

Dean's nice bass just under 50kg

Dean with a nice double
Steve's 3 kg king

Dean with the show stopper bass 60kg
Jason's nice bass

Steve with his tasty bluenose

Steve's 31kg king

Jason with his 34kg

Jason's 30kg

Dean with another in the low 30's

Steve with a fat 31kilo  king

Dean's 36kg

John's 38kg hog!!

John's 33kg fatty

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